Raise ‘n’ shavers generate another whopping £4,645

Raise ‘n’ Shavers, Hayley Lewis and Manyima Jallow, today shed their luscious locks at an event, raising a magnificent £4,645 so far with monies still coming in.

The grand event took place at Trevi’s Sunflower Women’s Centre in Plymouth.  Friends and family attended, along with staff and Peer Mentors.

It was an emotional experience for both women, not to mention the entire audience, as they watched the clippers move across their scalps at a grade zero and their hair dropping to the floor.  However the room was full of love, admiration and loud cheers as both ladies stood up with their new looks!

Hayley said: ‘I have felt very nervous in the lead up to this, however not once have I felt like it wasn’t the right thing to do.  I love Trevi and how the charity has helped me in my life.  It was so important for me to do something to give back.’

Hayley was a resident at Trevi’s Jasmine Mother’s Recovery five years ago and featured in a BBC Panorama documentary called ‘Addicted: Last Chance Mums.’  Her story is one of trauma since the age of 13.  However she describes how, in her mid thirties, something ‘just clicked’ and she found the courage to come to rehab.  She is a phenomenal, strong woman who now works at Trevi as a decorator and spends time talking and supporting the residents, offering them words of wisdom from her own experience.

Hayley says: ‘It’s like being an aeroplane, if you are full of baggage, you won’t be able to take off.  You need to let go of your baggage so you can take off and move forward in life.’

For Hayley today, her hair which was down to her thighs has been with her all through her life and so having it shaved off for her holds a lot of meaning.  Joined by her four children, after having her big shave, she said: ‘I feel like all the bad is in the past now; I feel lighter; it feels good.’

Manyima is the Trevi cook. She provides homecooked food for the women residents at Jasmine Mother’s Recovery. She signed up to Raise ‘n’ Shave earlier this year as she wanted to help generate much-needed funds for the charity.

She said: ‘I am so pleased to be involved, it has been a great day and I can’t believe how much we have raised.’

The dynamic duo have raised in excess of £4,600 and the money is still rolling in.

The event will feature on BBC Spotlight on 30 July 2021 at 6.30pm.

To donate to their fundraising page, please visit https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/raisenshave

To join the tribe of Raise ‘n’ Shavers, click here to request a fundraising pack.

t: 01752 255 758
e: office@trevi.org.uk

t: 01752 255 758
: office@trevi.org.uk