Raise 'n' shave

Raise ‘n’ Shave

June 2022

Raise ‘n’ Shave is a brand new Trevi initiative for the courageous!

A great way to raise funds, get a new look plus feel totally liberated!

Scary but exciting, Raise ‘n’ Shave is really simple.  All you need to do is:

  1. Book a date for your big shave
  2. Find a hairdresser (or at least someone you trust with a pair of scissors and clippers!)
  3. Decide on a fundraising target
  4. Set up your online fundraising page
  5. And off you go! Share, share, share!

Generally, we have found that most people are able to fundraise significantly more than average for this type of challenge – although there’s no physical effort really involved, shaving your hair off is a pretty big deal.

Contact us for a Raise ‘n’ Shave pack which is full of ideas and tips to maximise your Raise ‘n’ Shave experience.

Our Fundraising and Marketing Lead at Trevi took part in her own Raise ‘n’ Shave last year and says: ‘I have done many fundraising challenges in the past including haunted sleepovers, fire walks, mud runs and abseils, but this was by far the most fun and personal. I did not realise just how liberating and empowering it would be! It has literally saved me hours of getting ready time in the mornings and I have really enjoyed playing with my new looks as the hair has been growing back, too.’

t: 01752 255 758
e: office@trevi.org.uk

t: 01752 255 758
: office@trevi.org.uk