Our Sunflower Women’s Centre is the only women’s centre in Plymouth, providing a safe hub for connection and hope.

Every year, Sunflower supports and empowers more than 700 local women, many with complex needs and experience of trauma and abuse.

Sunflower offers a wrap-around therapeutic service for any woman in need in the City. This could include addictions, mental well-being, health, criminogenic behaviours, domestic abuse and social isolation.

Our compassionate and aspirational team of Sunflower Practitioners ensures a personalised package of support which includes accredited training, group work, counselling, creative therapies, drop-in women’s space, parenting support, peer mentoring and much more.


Our co-located partners, including Probation services, Department of Work and Pensions, Sexual health and other third sector agencies, ensure we offer the range of support needed.

The centre is spread over 3 floors, complete with a 140m² health and wellbeing suite and trauma informed creche.

Over the past year, 96% of women supported by Sunflower say it has been a lifeline, with 85% able to move forward in life after support from Sunflower.

Sunflower aspires to be a stepping stone to independence and full-living. It offers women a space to breathe, belong and gain skills, confidence and self-care to move on in their lives.

courses, groups and services offered include

  • Making Connections: Therapeutic Arts and Crafts
  • Survive: Recovery Support
  • Warrior Women: Building Resilience and Strength
  • Power Parenting: Caring and respecting yourself to build a healthy relationship with your child
  • Thrive: Nutrition and respecting your body through healthy food
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Freedom Programme
  • Recovery
  • Maths and English 
  • Self Care
  • Heal
  • Love Drug
  • Assistance with finances and debt support: Money Advice South West
  • Employment support with DWP
  • Pause Plymouth
  • Criminal Justice Specialist Outreach Service
  • Rehousing and accommodation advice
  • Parenting and access to childcare
  • Connecting with the community
  • Arts and crafts


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Trevi … is truly unique, working with highly stigmatised and traumatised women in a way that supports their dignity. Its approach is incredibly innovative, human and compassionate while delivering highly effective results – improving lives while saving public money in the longer term. By allowing women with difficult backgrounds of substance abuse to live with their children throughout the recovery process, Trevi improves outcomes for both mothers and children.

Katie Pinnock
Director of UK and Ireland Charitable Partnerships at GSK

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Sunflower women’s space on a Tuesday and Thursday has given me the freedom to be able to motivate myself to build confidence, join courses and engage with people.

Sunflower Women’s Centre

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Everything about Sunflower is amazing.  It is helping women to transform their lives and their children’s.

Linda Buckley
Probation Services

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Before I came to Sunflower I was extremely anxious and didn’t get out much.  I have found Sunflower a breath of fresh air!  Everyone is so welcoming and I am keen to try lots of new things and meet like-minded people.  Thank you to everyone who makes this all possible, you are all wonderful.

Sunflower Women’s Centre

t: 01752 255 758
e: office@trevi.org.uk

t: 01752 255 758
: office@trevi.org.uk