Davina McCall supports Trevi’s work on making the Menopause Matter

Davina McCall has joined Trevi in support of its work to make the Menopause Matter. Watch the online interview between Davina and Trevi’s Sunflower Strategic Lead, Laura Fraser-Crewes.

Trevi, a nationally award-winning women’s and children’s charity based in Southwest England, recently approached Davina following her documentary earlier this year: Sex, Myths and the Menopause.

As the conversation around the Menopause has been brewing at Trevi, the interview with Davina was vital – the charity is now supporting in excess of 700 women every year. Trevi will be releasing snippets of this interview throughout the week, starting on World Menopause Day.

Within the film, Davina McCall states: ‘It’s really important to talk about the Menopause because all of us that are ok and living our best lives that are in our fifties or forties kind of owe it to girls in their thirties to say, it’s going to be ok, you’re going to be ok, we’ve got your back, we’re going to march the march and get shit done so that when you get there, you’re going to be ok.’

Laura Fraser-Crewes, Sunflower Strategic Lead at Trevi states: ‘We are delighted to have Davina’s backing of our menopause campaign. She has managed to highlight the menopause through her platform and as this affects over 50% of the population it is important that we get the right information and support to the women who need it.’

Trevi provides safe and nurturing spaces for women in recovery to heal, grow and thrive. Trevi’s vision is for a society where all women in recovery can access good quality, psychologically informed, gender-based interventions without apology.

To expand their vision of providing the best possible support for women, Trevi has recently launched a virtual menopause support group, for anyone who wishes to connect with other women to share experiences, look at current support options and to realise that they are not alone.

Trevi will also be sharing tips recommended by Davina from the film throughout the week on its social media before publishing the entire film on Friday 22 October 2021.

For more information and to get involved:
1. Watch and share Trevi’s interview with Davina McCall https://youtu.be/MbcQzhtcE9o
2. Sign up to Trevi’s regular Menopause Support Group online https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/virtual-menopause-support-group-tickets-191292299417
3. Share with @TreviWomen a picture of yourself with the #MenopauseMatters on a piece of paper – or using any other creative medium – and Trevi will share on its Social Media platforms
4. Contact the fundraising and marketing team if you have an idea for an event to raise awareness on fundraising@trevi.org.uk

t: 01752 255 758
e: office@trevi.org.uk

t: 01752 255 758
: office@trevi.org.uk