In celebration of our 30th Anniversary, Trevi has launched our Blossom Appeal, which will focus on raising funds for a women-only accommodation service based in the centre of Plymouth for women affected by trauma and abuse.

Covid-19 has brought gender inequalities into shocking prominence. Women have been disproportionately affected – domestic abuse helpline calls soared by 80%, and murders of women have doubled. Chronic poverty has increased: women are affected most. This, layered against an increase in drug use, county lines activity and child sexual abuse, and the cycle of violence against women and girls continues.

Blossom Women’s House will be a trauma-informed house for women with complex and multiple needs. It has the capacity to accommodate nine women across three floors. It is a safe, contained, homely space with an enclosed back garden. Blossom Women’s House will be the place where women can find some peace and security and can take some positive steps in their journey of recovery from trauma and abuse.

The accommodation is vital as there is a shortage of women-only accommodation in Plymouth. Countless projects, service interventions and commissioned research highlights how a lack of women-only accommodation is acting as a significant barrier to women moving forward in life. Women are entering a revolving door in and out of accommodation, restricting their ability even to get a chance to address their trauma and understand how it manifests so that they can move forward in life. Without this safe space, women are trapped or sofa surfing in unsafe perpetrators’ homes, sometimes locked into a world of drugs and substance misuse and at continuous and high risk of domestic and sexual violence. Whilst there is already a lot of incredible work happening in Plymouth, Trevi wants to seize this opportunity to help to build capacity for women.

We have now reached a critical time where vital funds are needed to ensure that women are given the best possible chance of exiting a life filled with trauma and abuse by allowing them to move into safe, 24/7 supported, women-only accommodation.

Hannah, our CEO, says, ‘This is Trevi’s biggest appeal to date and will significantly impact the lives of women affected by domestic abuse and violence. As we celebrate our 30th milestone, we couldn’t ask for a better start to what will be an exciting year!
‘It’s important that Blossom feels homely and nurturing so that women are supported to heal, grow and thrive. For some women, Blossom will be the first place that they experience what a real home is like. With the help of our local community, we can ensure that Blossom is designed, decorated and furnished to be a warm, homely and welcoming space with thought put into all the finishing touches so that women feel valued and loved.’

Tammy has experienced being housed in a mixed accommodation after fleeing domestic abuse and says, ‘It took me years to leave a violent relationship, and the biggest factor in getting yourself out of a dangerous situation is having somewhere safe to heal from your trauma. They put me in a shared house with five other men, there were no locks on the doors, and I genuinely didn’t want to get a bath or a shower. Having a place like Blossom Women’s House as a women-only accommodation will truly saves lives.’

We emphasises that the Time Is Now to end violence against women and girls and make a difference to vulnerable women across the city. The Blossom Appeal needs to raise £615,000 for Trevi to be able to purchase and refurb the property. So far, we have raised £405,000 from caring trusts, foundations, pledges and donors, leaving £210,000 to raise by December 2023. We want to work with community groups, corporates, funders and individuals to make this happen.

t: 01752 255 758

t: 01752 255 758