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Sunflower Seeds is a registered Contact Centre (registered with the National Association of Child Contact Centres, NACCC).  We offer supported and supervised contact sessions, rental of our contact space and or a handover service. Each contact session is managed by our skilled Family Support Practitioners ensuring a positive and supported contact.

Our contact centre offers a safe, trauma informed, neutral space, where children of separated families can spend time together with their parents or other family members. We aim to provide a comfortable and homely, child-friendly environment, with the child at the heart of everything we do. 

Our contact sessions can be arranged by referral only. The referral can be made by a parent, social worker, solicitor, family member, family mediator, CAFCASS officer or by a court order.

We highly recommend attending our pre-visit sessions to familiarise yourself with the space, see what activities we can offer and most of all to feel comfortable before your contact session. We feel this is especially important for visiting children. Bookings for the Sunflower Seeds Contact Centre are weekdays only.

For an up-to-date Sunflower Seeds Contact Centre price list, please contact us: 07944 973 837 or email:


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Trevi … is truly unique, working with highly stigmatised and traumatised women in a way that supports their dignity. Its approach is incredibly innovative, human and compassionate while delivering highly effective results – improving lives while saving public money in the longer term. By allowing women with difficult backgrounds of substance abuse to live with their children throughout the recovery process, Trevi improves outcomes for both mothers and children.

Katie Pinnock
Director of UK and Ireland Charitable Partnerships at GSK

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Sunflower women’s space on a Tuesday and Thursday has given me the freedom to be able to motivate myself to build confidence, join courses and engage with people.

Sunflower Women’s Centre

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Everything about Sunflower is amazing.  It is helping women to transform their lives and their children’s.

Linda Buckley
Probation Services

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Before I came to Sunflower I was extremely anxious and didn’t get out much.  I have found Sunflower a breath of fresh air!  Everyone is so welcoming and I am keen to try lots of new things and meet like-minded people.  Thank you to everyone who makes this all possible, you are all wonderful.

Sunflower Women’s Centre

t: 01752 255 758

t: 01752 255 758